Docker Webapp

3 min readJun 25, 2021

So we are going to make a Webapp with the help of JavaScript and python cgi-bin, which helps user to run Docker commands.

About JavaScript

JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language. It is lightweight and most commonly used as a part of web pages, whose implementations allow client-side script to interact with the user and make dynamic pages. It is an interpreted programming language with object-oriented capabilities.

JavaScript was first known as LiveScript, but Netscape changed its name to JavaScript, possibly because of the excitement being generated by Java. JavaScript made its first appearance in Netscape 2.0 in 1995 with the name LiveScript. The general-purpose core of the language has been embedded in Netscape, Internet Explorer, and other web browsers.

Python CGI

CGI is a set of standard designed for external gateway programs. It assists them to connect through the servers such as HTTP server. The latest version available is CGI 1.1 and CGI 1.2 is under development.


Docker is a container management service. The keywords of Docker are develop, ship and run anywhere. The whole idea of Docker is for developers to easily develop applications, ship them into containers which can then be deployed anywhere.

The initial release of Docker was in March 2013 and since then, it has become the buzzword for modern world development, especially in the face of Agile-based projects.

Things to do in this task

1)Paste the html file you created with js and CSS embedded in /var/www/html.

2) Now write the python cgi code in cgi-bin directory

3) Give Apache permissions in sudoers file

4) Start your httpd and docker and disable your firewall.

5)Enter your enp0s3 IP in browser

Python CGI-BIN
Pasting your html file in var/www/html folder
Giving apache powers
js used

Thank You